Get Started in Less Time Than You Think

and with less resources

Gather Requirements (Users, devices, message scripts, etc.)

Device procurement and setup

Add users and message templates to system

On-site visit to train staff and place devices

Go Live. Product Specialist are on-site for successful a launch

We can help

We will order, setup and provision all devices and storage necessary. Training and any additional setup will be held on-site with one of our product specialists.

No support tickets required

Ori only needs a WIFI connection for use. Live support chat is available to help answer questions and resolve issues.


We integrate using HL7 (ADT & SIU) feeds, SFTP transfers, and/or API integration. Custom integrations are available upon request.

HIPAA and HITECH Compliance

We build security into our products from the ground up

Ori takes the security and integrity of PHI very seriously. To that end, we build security into our products from the ground up and have implemented policies and procedures to meet or exceed HIPAA and HITECH requirements.

As a business associate (BA) of HIPAA covered entities, Ori is subject to all of the HIPAA Security Rule, some of the HIPAA Privacy Rule, and the breach notification requirements of the HITECH Act.

  • Implemented security features sufficient to meet or exceed the HIPAA Security Rule requirements.
  • Privacy policies and procedures sufficient to meet or exceed the HIPAA Security Rule requirements.
  • Policies and procedures sufficient to meet or exceed the HITECH Act.

For information on HIPAA/HITECH policies and procedures, please contact us.

Start Sending Messages in as Little as 30 Days

Common Questions

Can we track read messages? (read receipts)

While using the native iOS apps the staff is able to see read receipts.

What devices are supported?

Mpirik has native iOS applications that can be utilized on Apple devices. However, all messages can be sent to SMS text and/or email so even loved ones off-site are able to stay up-to-date on the procedure.

Does it support secure messaging?

Not currently, but contact us if this is a requirement.

Can I send media in messages (video, pictures, etc.)?

Yes, all media types can be sent or links the media itself.

What happens if we lose a device?

With the Mobile Device Management(MDM) solution [m]pirik is able to track the devices location and lock it down completely if necessary.

How do you manage and add restrictions to devices?

Mpirik utilizes advanced Mobile Device Management (MDM) software to restrict

Is any PHI (Personal Health Information) exposed in the app?

The patient facing app has absolutely zero PHI. The app for the staff has minimal PHI in order to correctly identify the patient they wish to send messages about.

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